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Experts shed light on e-bikes for new buyers in a free e-book for the iPad

E-Bike usage is growing rapidly around the globe, but for the new bike buyer it is hard to know where to start. E-Bikes open up cycling to a brand new audience, many of whom don’t have a cycling background or an understanding of bicycles and e-bike technology.

Getting an independent and unbiased expert opinion is hard, and investing in a poor quality bike will lead to a poor quality riding experience.

Five specialist e-bike retailers and wholesalers were bought together for a round-table discussion by the team at Bicycles Network Australia (BNA). BNA, the popular Australian website and cycling forum, quized these experts on a range of topics, such as what to look for when purchasing an e-bike, what it’s like to own an e-bike, and how much they cost to run.

Ebike Buyers Guide

The E-Bike Buyers Guide has been released as a free e-book for iPad and answers the questions any new e-bike buyer will have. It is available form the Apple ITunes store.

Christopher Jones, the guide’s publisher says “The E-Bike Buyers Guide is a valuable resource for people who are considering buying an e-bike. It explains the difference between a complete e-bike and conversion kit, what to look for in a quality e-bike, the cost of ownership, and how to spot a reliable and trustworthy dealer”.

A key motivation for creating the buyer’s guide was to protect new buyers from inferior quality e-bikes and dubious retailers.

“The e-bike trend is still young and some shady businesses have exploited the general lack of knowledge in the market and have sold inferior bikes at premium prices. They then disappear quickly when quality control issues arise.”

“With our panel of expert e-bike retailers and wholesalers, the buyer’s guide steers would-be buyers in the right direction towards reputable and reliable brands, and provides a healthy foundation so they know what to look for and can ask the right questions”

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Fre e Download from Apple iTunes: The E-Bike Buyers Guide

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E-Bike Buyers Guide
Publisher: Christopher Jones: Bicycles Network Australia
Author: David Halfpenny
Design & App: Signale - Bureau for Communication

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